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Samsung UN22D5003 Review

The UN22D5003 TV model has a 22 inch screen and its dimensions are 20.2 x 6.7 x14.4 inches and weighs only 6.4 pounds. This makes it light weight and easy to use in various smaller areas. This smaller unit would also work well in some motor homes or campers for on the go usage.

This small unit is more than just a basic television. It offers a 1080p High Definition Television for a better quality picture. It also has a 60 Hz for clarity of your fast action pictures such as sporting events or action packed movies. This small unit also comes equipped with built in subwoofers that enhances your audio output.

Samsung HDTV unit uses the new Series 5 for breathtaking picture quality. It specializes in using the deepest black and the purest whites to combine for the best clarity to create that amazing picture. Not only does this unit use the 60Hz refresh rate but also combines the image processing speed and the backlight technology to keep the action packed movement pictures full of clarity for precise viewing.

This compact unit meets the Energy Star specifications that have been set forth by the government. This means that this unit has been designed per the guidelines to be energy efficient to help keep the cost of your utility bills down to a minimum. With this unit you can also with the use of a USB connection you can enjoy and share your music, videos and photos with your friends and family. This unit can be purchased in the price range of $200.

The consumers that have purchased the Samsung UN22D5003 HDTV product were very pleased with their purchases.Most consumers love the sound and the quality of this unit. To most of the consumers the ability to share their music, videos and photos with their family and friends was awesome and had no problems with this unit.

Brand Name: SAMSUNG
Model Number: UN22D5003
Display Size: 22 Inches
Display Technology: LED
Resolution: 1920×1080
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Dimensions: 20.3” W x 13.8” H x 4.9” D
Weight: 7.5 pounds



The Samsung UN22D5003 is a smaller more compact television for smaller areas in many homes. This would be a possibility of a selection for many kitchens or maybe even a bedroom.

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