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Samsung UN65H8000 Review

Wherever you sit in the room, with the Samsung UN65H8000 you will feel that you have a perfect view and can enjoy the sharp image. The curvature of the screen in no way interferes with the clarity of the picture and the screen seems bigger than it is thanks to the Panoramic feel. In case you wondered how such a great feeling of depth in achieved, this is thanks to the auto depth enhancer.

To make sure that the bright areas are bright and the dark ones stay dark, precision black local dimming is installed while micro dimming ultimate takes away the halo effect and stops image distortion.

Color is always important and with the Samsung LED HDTV there seems to be so many colors that are not seen on a lesser TV. You will get to see the colors that were seen through the lens and not a watered down version.

Reflections are no longer a problem, as ambient light is absorbed. Glare is reduced, and as a result, there is much more detail allowing you to see everything clearly. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to watching sport as clear motion rate 1200 is included so action scenes are of the highest quality. When backlight is added, you can be sure there will be nothing else you could want from the Samsung UN65H8000.

This smart TV gives you lots of information about the programs that are being shown and you will soon wonder how you managed before you had a TV that had a tool such as S Recommendation which was able to advise you of programs that you may like by studying what you have already watched.

If you want to have a camera accessory or voice control, they are available but sold separately.

Brand Name: SAMSUNG
Model Number: UN65H8000
Display Size: 65 Inches
Display Technology: LED
Resolution: 1920×1080
Refresh Rate: 240Hz, 1200 CMR
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Dimensions: 57.1” W x 35.2” H x 12.1” D
Weight: 60 lbs



If you want to feel part of the event, then the Samsung UN65H8000 3D Smart LED HDTV is the TV for you. With a 65” screen, the picture will make you feel that you are there at the event you are watching and you need to remember that despite having a 65” screen the actual size is 57.1” x 33” x 4.2”.

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