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VIZIO E241I B1 Review

As you may know, a “Smart” HDTV allows you to access to streaming video services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu on your TV. These “internet connected” televisions offer more computing ability, as well as more connectivity, than a traditional television set. Smart TVs will often let you access non-video services such as Twitter, or Facebook, and allow you to do things like check the weather and news without needing a computer.

Now, combining that technology with new features (namely, 1080p, which is a combined technology of 780p and 1080i), many Smart TVs really stand out in today’s marketplace.

Other notable features

VIZIO Internet Apps Plus – Instantly enjoy the latest hit movies, TV shows, music and even more premium apps straight from the Internet to your TV.

Razor LED backlight – Distributes LEDs along the edge of the screen for a brilliant picture in an ultra-thin design Built-in Wi-Fi – Connect with high-speed wireless for easy, clutter-free Internet access.

E-Series Signature Design – An ultra-narrow 10mm frame, a 30% thinner profile, and slimmer new base makes the new E-Series a perfect upgrade to any room.

Right off the bat, I’m a bit disappointed to have to report to you that the E241I B1 24-INCH is not Vizio at its best. As you may know, Vizio (and Sony) have taken a backseat to Samsung over the last few years in domestic American sales.

Personally, my first complaint was that this Vizio product comes with only one HDMI port, and one USB port. This feature does not seem as though it will support all high definition entertainment devices. Also, this model does not support Bluetooth technology.

Although the E241i B1 received an overall 3.9 out of 5 stars, the less than positive reviews seem to far outweigh the glowing ones.

The Vizio E241i B1 has been touted as “So close to being a good TV for the price…” The price, which seems to run anywhere in the $300 range, is still a good chunk of change when buying a brand-new TV, considering what technologies are available to us today.
Consumers say that the screen is comparable in sharpness and lighting to the M-series, and again, some mention what a great improvement the semi-matte screen is, and that there is a great improvement in sound quality. For some, this is a great TV at a great price.

One of the widest consumer complaints, however, about the E241I B1 is that when the TV is off, there is a constant clicking sound, which seems to be coming from the power supply, and depending upon how well you can hear, it’s very noticeable when the TV sound is off.

However, the clicking sound stops when the TV is powered up.

Other complaints have listed a noticeable hum or buzzing that appears to come from the back of the TV while the TV is turned on. It seems to be linked to the backlight intensity. This problem can be solved by turning down the backlighting to lessen the humming.
Despite its 4/5 star rating, this Vizio model does not seem up to par of other comparable brands, and seems to have the same problems plaguing several of its newer models. Complaints vary from the wireless setup being problematic, to not being able to file share between apps.

Final thoughts

The Vizio E241i b1 24-inch 1080p 60hz Smart LED HDTV is probably not the best value for your hard-earned dollars. There are other manufacturers who make models for about the same price, they are just better quality. You might want to investigate some of those choices.

Brand Name: VIZIO
Model Number: E241i-B1
Display Size: 24 Inches
Display Technology: LED
Resolution: 1920×1080
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Dimensions: 21.55″ W x 14.55″ H x 4.39″ D
Weight: 7.05 lbs



Another new offering from world-wide renown Vizio, is the E241I B1, a 24-INCH, 1080P /60HZ Smart LED HD Television. Part of the new HDTV wave, this model combines 1080p technology with all the benefits of a new “Smart” interface.

Picture Quality
User Interface
Sound Quality
Smart Features