Best TVs to buy in 2015

When you plan on buying a new TV, you want a set that gives you the best bang for your buck. In any case, how would you know which one to go for when there is such a large number of different innovations, and a selection of screen sizes to choose from too? Additionally, the makers, the system components and features need to be considered as well. This is where we come in and make the decision making process easier for you.

The most expensive TV set isn’t necessarily always the best. Here we have compiled a list of the top rated televisions ranging over different categories which are absolutely outstanding.

Panasonic Viera TX-55CX700B

Slim, sleek, and packed with must-have apps and features, the Panasonic Viera CX700 is an Ultra HD set with a beautiful design which gives the appearance of a higher-end HD set without taking too much space. Running Firefox OS, its smart TV content and priced at under L1,000, this 55 inch model is an all-rounder.

As Android TV is quickly turning out to be more settled, this is the first TV which comes with Firefox OS; a colorful, vivid and user friendly smart TV system that’s both stable and customizable – something that not many HD television operating systems get absolutely right without some glitches. So far so good. Channels and apps can be pinned to the Home screen to make your most-used services easy to access. It works incredibly well and we can see movie addicts completely adoring its adaptability.

The expansion of a faster quad-center processor truly offers the OS some assistance with feeling relatively snappier compared to previous Panasonic smart HDTVs.

This 55-inch beauty comes pre-loaded with basically every video streaming source you could need. 4K Netflix, ITV Player, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, Amazon Instant, and 4K YouTube have dedicated spots on the main screen. Open up the Apps Market and you can discover extra applications to download, with a downside that only a few are essential.

Above all, picture quality is incredible. The Viera TX-55CX700B uses a 3,840×2,160 panel and executes it brilliantly, in even the most difficult situations. Obviously, native Ultra HD content looks fantastic, yet maybe more vital in the long run as the means by which the set handles upscaling SD and Full HD content. As with most large TVs, the SD terrestrial television has its limitations. Patchy, noisy and boring, it is a Herculean task to make terrestrial TV look great. The large screen and 4K just accentuates this fact that this TV isn’t the best suitable model for it. On the brighter side, Full HD content looks premium.

A blend of splendid contrast (a 3369:1 proportion) and smooth grays and blacks, makes for a crisp-looking and immersive picture. Hues are in their truest form: bright and lively without looking over-saturated. You will hardly ever feel like fiddling with the default settings. Speaking of fiddling, there are tweaks available for every setting; MPEG noise, scaling, contrast, color, brightness etc. The Viera TX-55CX700B is one of the best 4K TV sets on the market. Tremendous Full HD upscaling, awesome colors and a smart TV interface without lag gives Panasonic an edge over its competitors. As Ultra HD turns out to be all the more accessible, this set will be ready to adapt to future upgrades.

LG 55EG960V

Sometimes having a large TV is all about getting the job done. But for many people – power users especially – that isn’t enough. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or a dedicated movie buff, if you’re an enthusiast, you’ll definitely want to look into a high-end tube, such as the LG 55EG960V OLED.

If you’re after the absolute best 55” picture money can buy, then this LG TV is your best bet. Don’t be fooled by the sleek and slender appearance, because simply put, the EG960 is the alpha male of TVs – make no mistake about it.

Packed with a 4K screen Resolution, this beauty has the best features to boast. It is OLED at its best so far, with the deepest blacks you will see, good color conformity, a wide viewing angle, and an amazing 3D experience coupled with great sound.

Thanks to its OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), the pictures are crisp and the contrast ratio infinite, since the pixels turn off when black, hence saving power as well. You will be hard-pressed to find a screen with better picture quality anywhere.


  • Visually appealing
  • Pure whites and true blacks
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Judder
  • Passive 3D that looks great
  • Slick WebOS 2.0 Operating System


  • Plastic stand
  • Quite expensive
  • Input lag is around 50 milliseconds

Samsung 32-inch H6400 6 Series HD Smart 3D LED TV

You know what they say, good things come in small packages. Unlike the H6400, not many 32-inch TVs can boast of smart TV apps, 3D video functionality, or a choice of two remote controls. This is hands-down the best 32-inch HD LED TV available in the market.

Television sets of such design specifications have long been confined to study rooms or bedrooms. One of the stereotypes associated with most 32-inch TVs is that they won’t be used as a main television set and therefore, lack external features flexibility. Realizing this, Samsung added a total of four HDMI inputs on this model, as well as an Ethernet LAN slot and an optical digital audio input. While the H6400 isn’t much in the looks department, its silver edges make it appear as a simple yet sleek design.

But where it lacks in looks, it makes up in features and specifications. This TV comes with Samsung’s smart TV service, Smart Hub, which isn’t common in small sets. The 3D-ready function is another first for a TV of these specifications. Samsung’s Full HD 3D technology allows you to enjoy 3D content at stunning HD resolution. Another highlight is the choice of two remote controls, but it is the smart TV apps which makes the H6400 stand out from the rest. All the latest TV apps, as well as Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Youtube are available. Other apps include Vimeo, Eurosport, USA Today, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, AccuWeather, BBC Sports and Best part? Other than Wi-Fi, a quad core processor powers the system which gives a remarkably smooth experience.

This LED TV gives superb quality image quality for Freeview HD channels, DVDs, games, drive sources and Blu-ray Discs. Viewing angle is as wide as any higher end TV; and the contrast and hue is hardly effected. Technology enthusiasts will love the endless customization options available on this set for almost everything, which is again unheard of on such a small TV.

With so many ‘firsts’ to its name, Samsung’s H6400 is great value at the price of $460. There aren’t many features of higher-end brands which can’t be found on this phenomenal machine. Add to that immersive picture quality, and our verdict is that this is one of the best cheap TVs of 2015.


  • Powerful Quad Processor
  • Smart TV
  • 3D-Ready
  • Two Remotes
  • Price


  • Small For Immersive 3D
  • Average Sound System


By comparison, the Samsung 6 series H6400 is the underdog here. But don’t let its size fool you. Though not as high-end on the technology, it is immensely feature-rich and gets the job done nicely, with the high quality that is always expected – and delivered – from Samsung.

If you’re looking to go with a flash without burning a massive hole through your pocket, then the Panasonic Viera is your best bet. It is the best value for money you’ll get here, and without too much of a compromise.

Hands down, the LG 55EG960V is the best 55” television money can buy today. It delivers the highest level of quality and the premium feel we have come to expect from high-end OLED TVs, and no matter how much of an enthusiast you are, you will never be disappointed with it!

Choosing one “best” television set is a tall order. Everyone has their own preference and usage, and it is hard to quantify those requirements. But rest assured that whether you’re looking at value for money, the best possible quality money can buy, or somewhere in between, you have our best recommendations to go with.