Plasma vs LCD – Which One Is Better?

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Plasma vs LCD – Which One Is Better?

When you are looking to buy a television, it hard to decide which is going to be the best and one of the big decisions will be Plasma vs LCD. The problem is not trying to choose between two televisions that work in pretty much the same way, but two forms of technology that are competing against each other. Yes – some of the features will be pretty similar – the images will both be as clear as crystal, and the size is going to be almost the same. LCD is now even bigger in size therefore making them even more alike.

Plasma has many pixel cells and this allows the light to appear and these can actually be seen. With LCD thin film transistors give voltage to the liquid crystal filled cells.

Picture Quality

Plasma wins here and the difference is even more noticeable at night. With LCD – they will be better when there is a lot of light.

Computer Use

As many TVs are used as a computers, LCD will be best for this reason – there will not be a flicker at all. They are also best when large amounts of data need to be shown, so again a TV will benefit from having LCD over plasma. When it comes to use as a computer, plasma falls short and the larger TVs are worse than smaller.


Claims are made that LCD will last for 100,000 hours, but if a bulb can be changed it will be longer. The only problem can be a slight change of color the older the bulb gets. As plasma uses noble gases, some colors my fade. Again 100,000 hours is claimed although there have been doubts cast about this.

Size And Cost

When it comes to plasma vs LCD there is little in it when it comes to producing bigger TVs and plasma are still ahead. Plasma is the biggest at 150”, although there are no problems with the picture, giving them more of an advantage the bigger the screen gets.

Price And Value

Plasma tends to be less expensive than LCD TVs and while LCD is beginning o catch up when it comes to the 42” size, there is a long way to go for the larger ones. Some of the larger ones attract discounts and at present this can be in the region of 40% to 50%.

So Plasma vs LCD – it really does depend on what you want.

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