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SAMSUNG UN65H6350 Review

Have you ever stood in front of an HDTV and felt as though you were being immersed into the picture? If you have, then you’ll understand what I mean about the Samsung UN65H6350 65-inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV.

This new Samsung Smart Ultra-Slim TV allows you to navigate your entertainment world on one central menu with five simple panels: On TV, On-Demand, your photos and music, social media and Smart TV apps. This feature allows you to conveniently connect to the content you want to view, without having to channel surf. Enjoy a smooth browsing experience, where you can switch between content, and stream and multitask faster and easier than ever before. Want to share videos from your phone to your TV? Or use your phone to watch what’s on TV? With the UN65H6350, you can enjoy a seamless viewing experience between all of your smart devices from anywhere, indoors and out.

Another update to this Samsung model is the Smart LED TV feature, that includes an upgraded Smart Hub, which organizes your media content to make finding what you’re looking for easier and more intuitive than ever. This TV is backed by a lightning-fast quad core processor, which reduces lag and accelerates load and smoother navigation.

While the factory settings on this TV are decent, some buyers found they could improve the picture by simply tweaking the settings. The sound on this Samsung model has been greatly improved over past models. In the past, Samsung televisions have been known to have less than stellar sound, in that their speakers didn’t seem to have quite the same quality as the rest of the components in their televisions. The UN65H6350 has an option under the menu for “amplify” that you can adjust to change the sound and output of the speakers.

Since this is a Smart television, it is designed to artificially create frames-between-the- frames to prevent motion blur. Some people who purchased this model didn’t care for the higher fps look, which is dissimilar to the twenty-four fps of a standard motion picture. According to the Samsung website, there is a setting called Auto Motion Plus on one of the sub menus. The default setting is auto. Go to the sub menu and deselect this setting. You’ll have the same picture (FPS-wise) that you are used to, but with the newer Samsung bells and whistles.


As with all versions of new consumer electronics, Samsung may have a couple of bugs to work out. But overall, with its near perfect 4.4 star rating, the Samsung UN65h6350 65-inch 1080p 120hz Smart LED TV seems to please most everyone.

Brand Name: SAMSUNG
Model Number: UN65H6350
Display Size: 65 Inches
Display Technology: LED
Resolution: 1920×1080
Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Dimensions: 57.3” W x 36.7” H x 14.8” D
Weight: 61.9 pounds



All I can say is “Wow! Another outstanding offering from Samsung!” The UN65H6350 is 65 inches of High-Def beauty, clarity, and detail. This is one of the highest-rated HDTV’s this year, coming in at just under five stars!

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User Interface
Sound Quality
Smart Features