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Samsung UN32EH5000 Review

Today when a family picks out a television for their household, many of them look for more than just a basic television.

The Samsung UN32EH5000 offers all of this and more for the modern family. This Flat Screen High Definition television offers a 1080p for your viewing pleasure. The refresh rate is 60 HZ and the dimensions of this TV, is 19.6 x 29.1 x 7.6 inches. It is LED lit for your viewing ease. This unit is light weight only weighing 12.8 lbs without the stand. Its stand adds an additional 1.5 pounds to the total weight of the complete unit.

Not only does this unit offer all of this, but it is also a smart TV. This unit offers built in Wi-Fi with a full web browser. This allows you to use this unit to surf the web, play games, and use many different apps that are designed to work with this unit. It will also allow you to download your Facebook or other social media site and you can chat with your friends right there on your television.

With all of these capabilities, it will allow you to share your family memories with downloading photos and videos and lets you comment and tell your friends about your vacation. You can select the fitness mode and do your workout with the video to keep your exercise routine in tact. This television also works well for your children’s room to add Netflix for the great selection of children’s movie selections. For the purchase of this Samsung HDTV, it could cost the consumer around the $500 price range. The price of the new unit was a little vague. For the consumers that have purchased this unit, most of them liked the quality of the picture that this unit displayed. For the more technical consumers, the online options worked quite well and made this purchase worth it for them and their families.

Brand Name: SAMSUNG
Model Number: UN32EH5000
Display Size: 32 Inches
Display Technology: LED
Resolution: 1920×1080
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Dimensions: 29.1″ W x 19.6″ H x 7.5″ D
Weight: 14.6 lb.



When purchasing their new television many people have considered the Samsung UN32EH5000 HDTV. To many people today a television is more than just a television. High Definition flat screens are very important and to many the smart TV is also very important.

Picture Quality
User Interface
Sound Quality