What Are 3D TVs And Do They Have Pros And Cons?

In the same way that there are more film being produced in 3D there are more people interested in buying a 3D TV. Seeing such a sharp picture and sometimes feeling that you are actually part of the programmes is the thing that will keep many people viewing. Having seen certain genres in 3D will make it very hard to go back to 2D TV. To get the best from a 3D TV there will be the need to buy one of the bigger screens and this is going to add to the cost. Even if there is not a lot that you want to see on this sort of television, they also make very good 2D televisions so just by having one, everything will look better.

There are certain times when there can be a conversion from 2D to 3D and while it may not be to quite the same high quality as a program that has been produced as a 3D article, but there is something in it that gives the viewer the idea of 3D. This said, there are some downsides, and the major one is that not everyone enjoys watching 3D. Even if that is not a problem there are few people who can genuinely say that they do not have a problem with the glasses that have to be worn.

Some are mildly uncomfortable, but others take it to an extreme. It is not pleasant wearing them and for people who already have fears of enclosed spaces, this plays on it and makes it a very unpleasant experience. Add to that the headaches they can give and they are definitely a con. They are also an extra cost and while in the future when there is a great deal to watch that may not be too bad, but at present it is a lot to pay for items that may not get much use.

The initial cost of a 3D TV is a lot more than other types of television and although this may go down as the technology becomes more the norm, it is still more than many other appliances. Perhaps the biggest con for buying a 3DTV is the amount of time that you would be able to benefit from it. No one wants to watch programs they are not interested in just to see them in 3D, so it could be that the times you get to put those awful glasses on are few and far between.