Samsung UN60JU6500 60-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Review

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Samsung UN60JU6500 60-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Review

Brand Name


Model Number


Display Size

60 Inches

Display Technology



4K Ultra HD

Refresh Rate

120 Hz

Dynamic Contrast Ratio

over 1 million

Image Aspect Ratio



53.7"W x 32.8"H x 12.5"D (with stand) | 53.7"W x 31.1"H x 2.5"D (without stand)


54.5 lbs (with stand) | 46.1 lbs (without stand)


Good Smart System | Good Picture Quality
Accurate Color And Good Contrast | Low Price
Good Connectivity


Low Frame Rate | Soap Opera Effect
Poor Side Angle | Remote Is Poorly Designed
Lag In Gaming

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Smart Features
Bottom Line

The UN60JU6500 is no ordinary TV, although it comes at a lower than usual price of $1000. Instead of focusing on gimmicks and side attractions, Samsung has ensured that they got the basics right and give the users a great watching experience.

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Over the past year, several manufacturers have tried to win the ground in the lucrative budget 4K TV market. However, it is not just the smaller brands which are trying to make their mark but big banners have also started participating. One of them is Samsung, the TV manufacturing giant from Korea which requires little introduction. The company has put out its Ultra HD smart LED TV, UN60JU6500 in the market and received immediate success.


The Samsung aesthetics team has followed the trend of minimalism with this LED. We have got a clean black frame, taking the bare minimum space on the screen. The breadth of the frame is also kept pretty tight at only 2.5 inches. The screen is placed over a central support, which can be removed if you plan on mounting the television.

The Samsung logo is placed unobtrusively on the center of the bottom frame. The design is not curved like seen in Samsung’s premium offerings, but it does not look shabby in any way.

UI and Display:

The Samsung menu design is ordinary. It is easy to navigate and holding on to an option will bring in its description. There is the Samsung Smart Hub at the bottom of the screen which will connect you with the Smart applications installed, give you access to help manuals and also display a how-it-works presentation. There is also a search option, which is pretty good in its working and finds results correctly 8/10 times.

The Smart TV comes with a remote which really isn’t that smart after all. It is a simple conventional remote with evenly aligned buttons for normal usage. There are no dedicated buttons for Smart apps like Netflix and Hulu, which is a big bummer. There is, however, a backlight installed which will come in handy at night. Overall, the system as a whole is not very user friendly and seems to be a catch.

Display wise the Ultra HD TV is on point. Images produced on the screen are clear and the colors / contrast are accurate. If you have used a Samsung TV before you will notice that the colors are a bit more towards the warmer side but brighter in nature. The clear coat over the screen works great while the UC panel behind absorbs the ambient light, making the picture of top quality. Since it is a 4K TV, there is always a lot of interest in the upscale and conversion of the input. Due to the budget nature of the product, the UN60JU6500 is not near the high mark on this index. It only improves the picture quality by 25 to 30 percent, a score which is above average but not equal to the premium Samsung TV’s. The normal refresh rate is only 60 Hertz, which means that you will notice a drag until you switch to Motion Plus mode which increases the refresh rate to 120 Hz. Gamers are set to be disappointed with this as there will be a lag more than not, especially every time they play multiplayer games.


The sound system is not as great as other Samsung TV’s. While the loudness is on the higher side, the bass is just enough to satisfy you. The sound is not very accurate, especially if you are sitting far and increasing the volume usually distorts the quality.

Smart Side:

The Ultra LED is well endowed with pre installed apps including Amazon, Netflix, Pandora, iHeart Radio and many more. There is even a gaming section for your entertainment. The smart hub can be personalized, with an option of creating different profiles. A full web browser ensures that if you are not satisfied with the pre-installed content, you can visit any website of your choice. The smart function is supported with a quad core chipset, so you can browse through stuff quickly without experiencing lag.

The television has an inbuilt Wi-Fi system which quickly connects all the apps as soon as you login your details.


The UN60JU6500 will confidently connect with whatever you want to, given it is from this day and age. The side features 3 USB 2.0 (latest gen) and a more than satisfying number of HDMIs (4 in total). The HDMI ports are from the latest generation and will play all the copyrighted 4K content at 120 Hertz, meaning high quality pictures. There is a single RF port to sum up all the ports on the side.

The rear of the set is also furnished. There are legacy input options with a set of single Component In and Composite In ports. Moreover, there are Audio Output ports given too, along with an Ethernet jack.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the TV is a hit and miss. Many will appreciate its limited features as something better than nothing, while others are going to tantrum about the lack of options they have with this product. As an independent product, the TV stands pretty good in comparison to other big brand options in this price bracket. You can have it in your room for casual viewing or maybe some sports. However, if you want to play high action games it is recommended that you search for an alternative to avoid disappointment.

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