LCD VS LED: Which Is Best For You?

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LCD VS LED: Which Is Best For You?

LCD VS LED, which television set offers the best pictures? When purchasing your new television set, some people get confused with all of the technology that is available. Trying to sort it all out can be very confusing and frustrating for some people.

LCD or liquid crystal display is a series of cold cathode fluorescent lamps sometimes called CCFLs that create the light that is used at the back of some television screens. These lights are long cylinders that run the length of the screen. These work similar to the fluorescent lights that we are all use to seeing. This creates the back lights and then filters are used to create the colors to create the picture in color on your screen.

LED lighting is another form of lighting that is used as a back light for your television screen. LED stands for light emitting diodes. These are strong white lights that create a brighter light that more of the light rays will make their ways up to the screen. To create the color for this type of lighting they also use filters blocking certain colors to create others for a clear picture.

There are several differences between these two types of lighting which include but not limited to; the cost of operating the LCD lighting is more expensive because it takes a lot of power to operate the lights and keep them operating. The light emitting diodes lights are very inexpensive to operate because the use of power is very low. These lights are very energy efficient even though they produce a brighter whiter light.

Another difference between these lights is the fact that the Liquid Crystal Display lighting is not as strong and bright as the light emitting diodes. Much of this lighting is blocked by various components inside of the television and can create a picture that is not as clear as it could be. This is not always the case and there are some Liquid Crystal Display televisions that create very precise pictures. The LED lights are brighter and stronger lights, so they penetrate better and are not blocked as much as the LCD thus more of the light reaches your screen creating a more amazing picture on a regular basis.

With the design and the technology that is put into the Light Emitting Diodes lighting expect to pay a little more for the television sets that use the LED lighting over the price of the ones that will use the LCD lighting. When considering LCD VS LED you decide which one is the best for your use.

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